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Shandong City Private Carport

Shandong City Private Carport

(Summary description)Project: Shandong City Private Carport Engineering Board: 4mm Lake Green Endurance Board

Shandong City Private Carport

(Summary description)Project: Shandong City Private Carport
Engineering Board: 4mm Lake Green Endurance Board


  Project: Shandong City Private Carport

  Engineering board: 4mm lake green endurance board
  Although the carport is a simple form of existence, with the improvement of carport technology, the requirements for its artistry, robustness, and fire resistance are relatively high. The lightweight and unique shape of the pc sun board plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot. In addition to meeting the basic functions of weatherproof and sunproof, it also has a good logo solicitation effect. Because of its light weight, flame resistance, easy processing and The advantages of installation have been recognized by everyone, and are widely used in various construction and decoration needs.
  Shandong Baike PC Sunshine Board is a new type of environmentally friendly board, using raw materials imported from Germany to ensure quality from the source. Features of pc sunshine board carport:




  1. Durable: The impact strength of pc sunshine board is 80 times that of glass, and it is not easy to be damaged during installation and use;

  2, UV protection: The UV coating on the surface of the pc sun board is UV resistant, which can well protect the car from UV rays;
  3. Plasticity: The special molecular structure of the sunshine board makes it highly plastic, not only easy to process, but also can be made into various colors, so that the carport canopy can be well integrated into the environment;
  4. Flammability: In line with the national GB8624-2006 standard, it is "flammable";
  5. Portability: Light weight, absolutely guarantee the safety of people and things under the shed.
  6. ​​Economical: The sun board is cost-effective. At the same price, the sun board has the advantages of impact resistance, aging resistance, and light weight. This is not only simple and convenient to install and transport, but also helps you save manpower, material resources and financial resources;
  7. Artisticity: In addition to the function of being durable and sheltering from wind and rain, it is more like a work of art. Its softness, its curves, its rigidity and softness, its rich shapes, and its beautiful visual enjoyment.
   If you want to know more about the carport pc sun panel, you can directly call 400-801-6995, or contact the online customer service on the right. Shandong Baike strictly controls the production process and technology, uses only brand-new imported raw materials, has a national authoritative inspection report, and has served millions of customers in 17 years. Everything is for you, rest assured to purchase!

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