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Baike New Material 

Shandong Baike New Material Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Hechuanghong Group, covering a total area of 261 mu, of which Shandong Baike covers an area of 35 mu. 

Shandong Baike New Material Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Hechuanghong Group, covering a total area of 261 mu, of which Shandong Baike covers an area of 35 mu. We are committed to research and development, production and sales of reliable PC boards at home and abroad, and are willing to consistently provide customers with humanized lighting solutions for PC board projects.
The main products of Shandong Baike New Material Technology Co., Ltd. are PC hollow sunlight board series: PC universal sunlight board, glittering sunlight board, anti-fog drip sunlight board, strong structure type (three-layer, four-layer, X-type, honeycomb-type) sunlight board, U-shaped locking sunshine board; PC solid endurance board series: PC universal endurance board, sanding board, particle board, striped board, light diffusion board, PC wave board and film. They are widely used in stadiums, public buildings, industrial buildings, civil buildings, modern greenhouses and interior decoration displays, display screens of media, light boxes and advertisements, aircraft, automobiles, medical treatment, electronics, transportation, agriculture, municipal administration, telecommunications and optical media applications, etc., providing polycarbonate board solutions for many industries and fields.
Since its establishment, the Company has always insisted on taking customer demand as the foundation of product development, relying on strong technical force and perfect after-sales service, and taking strict quality control as guarantee, providing a complete set of perfect and thoughtful after-sales service system and striving for perfection. It integrates scientific research, development and sales, has a high-quality technical, management and sales team, and has established a perfect modern enterprise system.


01/Status in the Industry

With high-performance, high-quality products and comprehensive and intimate service, Shandong Baike has won wide acclaim from customers. Now, its business covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, with more than 5,000 project engineering customer units, and the national coverage rate of various PC board products is as high as 63%.

02/Independent Production and Promotion

Shandong Baike New Materials Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to the production and marketing of PC boards since its establishment, and has completely independent design and customized production capacity. The Company pays attention to the construction and implementation of modern enterprise management system, and constantly adopts advanced technology to develop PC board products with strong market adaptability, high technical content and high cost performance.


03/Strategic Goals

The Company's strategic goal is to be a high-tech PC board manufacturer with PC board as its core business, customized design as its supporting business and production base as its support. It drives the development of supporting business with core business to support the core business and supporting business, focus on 1 to 2 PC board fields, cultivate core competitiveness, and form a professional PC board manufacturer integrating design, production and sales optimized at home and abroad.

04/Company Vision

The Company has a strong marketing service network, and its business scope has covered all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. We are willing to establish a good, long-term and win-win strategic partnership with agents with marketing strength in various regions, and make greater contributions to our PC board business together with all sectors of society and industry colleagues.


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